Registration opens February and ends by MARCH 1


Baseball in Topsfield begins with "Winter Sessions" between February & April breaks. 
The Spring Season follows, and ends as the school year finishes. 
Select summer teams travel to various local tournaments. 

We thank all the players, parents, coaches and volunteers who made Topsfield Little League baseball a success this year.
The goals for TLL are simple: be safe, have fun, learn and enjoy the game, compete and want to play again next year.
Baseball is a great sport and the TLL Board of Directors is making every effort to ensure that the children of Topsfield enjoy playing this year and many years to come.

Parent volunteers and coaches

  1. Register on SportsPilot 
  2. complete an application form and form for  CORI background check.  ( Little League Volunteer Application)
  3. Complete mandatory "Diamond Leader" online training

Best regards,

Dan Jamroz

President, TLL


Why Register Now?

With hundreds of players and coaches, long term planning is essential for a successful baseball season.  Registering early helps the volunteers behind Topsfield Baseball make it all happen - from purchasing of equipment and uniforms, reserving the limited field space we have in town, and organizing baseball schedules across the five leagues and three towns. Getting a head start with respect to the number of players each year really helps in the planning process and late sign ups often create logistical issues in setting up the number of teams, numbers of players per team, etc. 

Age / Eligibility

To be eligible for Topsfield Little League baseball boys and girls must be at least 5 years old but no older than 12 years of age. 
There are no exceptions and we follow "Little League age"  for fairness as our schedules include other towns, and for insurace & liability coverage.
 Your child's "baseball age" can be determined here


Questions on which division your child will play in? (T-Ball, A, AA, AAA, Majors)

Read these in-depth descriptions followed by Topsfield, Middleton and Boxford - and other leagues in District 15. 



Volunteers and coaches are always needed.  At the youngest ages, Baseball skill and expertise is NOT a prerequisite... and an ideal Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade coaching team has one or two parents managing the dugout.  Get involved!  Simply helping the kids keep track of batting order and their hats and gloves between inning enables far more baseball learning and fun.  Reach out to or talk to your child's head coach to get started. 

What Does The Registration Fee Cover?

The registration fee includes: The Annual Little League of America Charter, the replacement of old equipment, new uniforms & hats, umpires (Minors and Majors), and the annual Parks and Cemetery fee for field maintenance. 

Scholarships are available in cases of financial need. Please contact Tom Hagerty at 



The following links must be completed to participate in coaching.  Please complete and return to TLL Board of Directors at 

Application forms found below - Required for all adult volunteers

Little League Volunteer Application

Little League Returning Volunteer Application

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